your journey

your journey

when you first join neoslife, you will meet your personal concierge that will be your first point of contact for all your needs. your concierge intimately understands the neoslife journey and its offering and will work with you to establish where you are at and what is the next step for you on your development journey.

in this early stage of the project, vincent will be this person.

it all starts with

assessment - without knowing where we are we don’t know where we need to go.

the journeys

neoslife is developing the following journeys:

be with vincent
- a one to three day one-on-one intimate experience
neoslife retreat - a one week transformative experience for up to twenty people
neoslife center
- our flagship offering scheduled to open in 2026 in portugal
neoslife community - a comprehensive and social online experience supporting your journey
neoslife explore - a sixty mins conversation with vincent to dive into what occupies your mind
neoslife coaching - a six month coaching engagement with vincent

if you are unsure which format is the right one for you, contact vincent for an explorative call.

let’s get started

there are tools i have encountered on my journey that have proven to be very powerful. neoslife is about leveraging those tools whenever you are ready. your journey is about committing to unearth to truth about yourself and as the saying goes: the truth shall set you free. and it will.

a key to getting to the truth is being willing to surrender one’s beliefs. because beliefs are just that: beliefs. until you have confirmed for yourself that they are true they are just principles you choose to live by, unconscious or consciously. and they stand in the way of you living your greatest live.

so let’s get started. one of the most profound and insightful tool that i have encountered on my journey has been contemplating the gene keys. they have no affiliation with neoslife, i just. happened to have studied them for hundreds of hours as i found deeper and deeper resonance and clarity through them. and they have helped me to unearth the truths underneath the vast lands of my ignorant beliefs.

if you are ready to embark on the adventure that is getting to know the secret of your life, you could start there right now by receiving your free profile here. there will be a lot going on but simply read the text on the second page titled:

my life's Work - what I’m here to do
my evolution - what I’m here to learn
my radiance - what keeps me healthy
my purpose - what deeply fulfils me

see how it resonates with you. if it doesn’t, no need to explore further. if it does, be aware that this is really the surface of the surface of the insight that they provide. it’s the tip of the iceberg, the 1% if even that. you can continue by scrolling down to the graph and on the right side you can hear richard’s (the author of the gene keys) 20 mins contemplation on your life’s work’s gene key.

if that speaks to you, you can go further. either get the gene keys book and read up on the respective sphere’s (the numbers you see in the spheres before the dot) or purchase the activation sequence and be guided through your profile. the book is the cheaper option, the course is the more immersive one and both are great and will take you deep.

as you can see in my personal chart below, each sphere has a triplet of words next to you. they are, from the bottom to the top, your shadow (what you are here to transform), the gift that subsequently gets unlocked and the divine expression of the gift, the siddhi) when you take it to the highest frequency.

vincent’s gene keys profile
vincent’s gene keys profile

for example, the first sphere (at the top of the sequence) is your life’s work. in my case, the shadow is immaturity, the gift is expansion and in its highest expression it becomes superabundance. now, the words in itself will mean something different to everyone, they are just the “chapter title” before diving into their meaning through the book or course. and they already give you a glimpse about where it’s going.

my life’s work is to transmute my shadow of immaturity, that could be me thinking i’m the victim, it’s not my mistake, into the gift of expansion, me growing as a human, taking responsibility as the creator of my life, really what neoslife is about, and when i take it to the highest vibration, unleash superabundance. to understand what that means, dive into the gene keys.

the different expressions of a sphere, the shadow, gift and siddhi, are the same thing just expressed as different frequencies. for example, my sphere of evolution (on the very right), the lowest frequency, the shadow, is greed and the gift is aspiration. greed is simply aspiration without trust. you can see how one leads naturally to another as we transmute our shadow and raise our frequency higher and higher.

below you find a graph of how our predominant emotion translates into our level of consciousness. while the gene keys are details reflections of the different aspects of our lives, this is an overall assessment based on david hawkin’s book power vs force.

consciousness frequencies by david hawkin
consciousness frequencies by david hawkin

i hope that sparked your curiosity. if you do nothing else, just get your free profile and see where it takes you. takes less than one minute and who knows what you might discover. until we go through a door, we don’t know what’s behind it. and going through unknown doors is literally what growing is about, leaving the comfort of the known and certain. bon voyage.

and of this dive into spirituality and frequencies does not resonate at all, ignore it, as neoslife is as much built on modern science as it is on ancient wisdom. so you can start wherever it serves you best. however, you will likely find out, just as i did (see ) that as you dive deeper into your understanding of life and yourself, that spirituality will increasingly provide the answers to the questions that come up for you.

it is unfortunate, that humanity in more recent times has chosen to focus pretty much exclusively on the left hemisphere of the mind, the masculine, and it explains why were are individually and collectively going through such difficult and unfulfilling times. and this is probably also a reason why you are here. welcome to neoslife. i hope you will find what you are looking for and much more.

and if you are curious, this is the slide i produced after spending many hours on my gene keys. it’s probably hard to read but it might give you a glimpse about the insights it has produced for me. double click to see it larger

vincent’s reflections on his gene keys’ activation sequence
vincent’s reflections on his gene keys’ activation sequence

know thyself