be with vincent

be with vincent

the most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why. – mark twain

60 secs intro video: welcome to neoslife. for the past 8 years, i have been seeking far and wide to find the answers to living a fulfilling life. the result is this deep dive experience in which we will explore your being so that you can remember of who you really are and why you are here. together with a team of gifted guides, i will support you in your journey of breakdown and breakthrough to then break out of the prison and the limiting beliefs that your mind has created. this is a labour of love and the biggest gift you can make to yourself. i’m humbled to be your guide and i am looking forward to working with you in person.] have you ever wondered where you need to get to to finally be able to enjoy life? it’s not that you are not having fun, life might be treating you rather well and you might have achieved material and professional success beyond your dreams. and yet, there is this voice nagging you that you need to have, be or do x for you to really be able to relax and start enjoying life. there’s this undercurrent of not living a full life, it just doesn’t feel how you would like it to. welcome to this place. i have spent the last eight years exploring how to move from there to a place of continuous joy, flow and beauty. the great news is: this place really does exist. the challenge is: it lies beyond the confines of our minds. neoslife has been created to empower you to discover and connect with this place buried within you. i know it exists because i have found it within me and so have countless people before me. neoslife executive is a powerful 1-to-1 container, a flagship experience, a crash course if you want, enabling you to go deep within you, connect with the real you rather than the person you think you are and rise on the other side with clarity, confidence and determination to live life as a masterpiece - and all the beauty and flow that follows that. “do not do what you want, and then you may do what you like.” — paramahansa yogananda you cannot live a fulfilling life without knowing: what do you want? it is a simple yet very powerful question. most people don’t know what they really want. you have lots of wants but those are not the real wants. they are wants that you think once you get them will make you feel the way you want. yet, they seldomly live up to that expectation. this is our starting point. to move from what you think you want to what your inner teacher knows you want, the voice within you that was buried over all those years of conditioning by parents, school, society and everything else you have experienced. as you go through the experience, we will revisit and refine your answer to this question. because only when you know what you really want, why you want it and you are 100% clear and committed to it, you will be empowered to live the life you were always meant to live - at the highest level. my role in this journey, should you choose to embark on it, is to create a space free of judgement to who you are, to what you want and how you go about it. my role is to be a mirror to yourself, so you can see true self rather than the distortion of the image we have and create of ourselves. “you are not who you think you are. you are who you think i think you are.” your self image is reflected by the image other people have of you. what i bring to this experience therefore is to be a pure, clear mirror for you to see yourself so you can explore your essence free of any fears.. from that place as a dispassionate observer of yourself, you will see your shadow as much as your light. the darkness that surrounds you and the beautiful light that shines from underneath it. from that place of the highest self awareness, you will gradually be able to remove the clouds so that your inner light can shine brightly - as you were always meant to. at the same time, you will make the first steps of moving from an efforted life of becoming to an effortless life of being where your the beauty of your life and existence unfolds in front of you seemingly auto-magically. yes, this place really does exist and you will make first contact with it. that is, if you are willing to look at your true self with all its beauty and its shadows. you are the guide in this experience. you decide how deep and far you want to go. i am just creating the playground for you to explore yourself safely and lovingly. as you make acquaintance with and connect more deeply with your inner teacher, you will start experiencing that there is no right or wrong. and the only true authority there is is yourself. you will learn to start trusting your intuition, your deeper knowing, rather than thinking, strategising and needing to control your way through life - you will learn to live effortlessly and beautifully. “wisdom is knowing i’m nothing. love is knowing i’m everything. and in between the two my life moves.” — nisargadatta maharaj who is this for? if you have been asking yourself about the purpose of life, why you are here, how to “arrive”, how to live a fulfilling life or how not to suffer, worry, be anxious, stressed or confused then this experience will be for you. after many years of seeking, i have found many answers most of them contradicting my old, mental, thinking driven way of looking at life. i also realised that the hardest part is not finding the answers but actually having the courage to embody themselves. and the only way to do so is to experience, to find them yourself. no book, no coach, no guru can teach them to you. they can only guide you on this journey based on the journey they have walked on themselves. “the world is drowning in knowledge and starving for wisdom.” the same applies to our inner worlds, our life experience. this experience is not to convey knowledge or to tell you what i have learnt, it is to provide you with powerful and profound experiences that enables you to reevaluate your current reality and replace your limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones. neoslife executive is here to help you connect with the wisdom yourself. the journey has already begun. this experience is not for everyone and for some this will be the experience. start trusting your inner teacher. if what you see and read her sparks your curiosity, if it resonates with you, this will likely be for you. and if not, i hope you found something interesting in these lines nonetheless and maybe you will return to this page at a later time. “progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ― george bernard shaw what is the journey? while there is a framework to it, this is a tailor-made experience based on what you are seeking, what you need and where you are at. we will explore together over the course of several conversations why feel called to this journey and what you “want” to get out of it. specifically, we will be having four calls leading up to the in-person journey followed by four integration calls as you return to your previous life as the newly empowered you. this is where we start. anything including the format can be customised if we see a specific need for it. again, the sole purpose of this experience is to provide you with what you need. whatever that is i and the team i am working with will provide it to the best of our abilities. i would like to think you are in incredible good hands but this is for you to find out for yourself. below is an outline of the in-person part of the journey which we use as a starting point. individual parts can be added or removed. also, once you are on the ground with me, we will flow with whatever is present. each experience and conversation will unlock new perspectives and insights for you and hence influence what needs to happen next. whether that is a long walk at a beach while reflecting about your most recent insight, jumping into the sea, doing sauna and ice bath, seeing another practitioner again, etc. i will be fully available for and present to you throughout the experience - aside from the hours we will both be sleeping. while this experience is aimed at connecting you with your inner world more deeply, it is your experience and your time and hence we can go anywhere you want outside of what the below schedule reflects. you will also able to tap into any of my other hats as little or as much as you like including startups, fundraising, storytelling, traditional coaching, bitcoin, the financial and societal system, etc. over the last eight years, i have been fully dedicated to exploring numerous topics deeply and if this is of interest to you, we will go there during the open conversations, lunches or dinners or while sweating in the sauna. again, this is your time with me and you choose how we spend it. having said this, the main purpose of this journey is to help you wake up to a new, profound reality that allows you to flow through life in a way you have never experienced before. if this is not of interest to you then we can explore regular coaching and therefore not take this spot from someone else that wants to go deep and therefore needs this in-person format. we will get to a common understanding in our exploratory call. “the secret to happiness is freedom… and the secret to freedom is courage.” – thucydides what will we work on? whatever you want and need to work on. we will explore this on our calls leading up the the weekend and then dynamically flow with whatever arises as you go through it. again, you internal process will guide us. in other words: you provide the content, i will provide the context. this is going to be your experience, hence describing what we will work on is putting the cart before the horse. while traditional executive and life coaching is an element of it and something i will happily be providing, this journey is a lot more than this. we will explore your holistic being across the domains of work, relationships, health, wealth, purpose and more. wherever you have gaps or challenges that hold you back from living life fully and in an expansive and ever growing manner - and to the extent you want to and are ready for. however, the intention behind creating this specific format was to allow you to go deep within where all blockages sit: into the subconscious mind that you don’t have access to. that’s where the gold is. and that’s what this journey was optimised for for you to gain access to so you can see what is really holding you back from living the life you want rather than what you tell yourself it is - if you think you know. the subconscious is the real creator of our lives. when we see what is hidden there, we can undo the limitations that are holding us back and subsequently start writing the beliefs and wants into it that are in alignment with our true being. this goes way beyond traditional coaching which only happens on the conscious level. a lot can be done there but many things can’t and those are the real limitations as well as drivers of our lives as i have been humbly learning on my own journey. the mind can go places, the subconscious mind creates that actual reality. without understanding this, your life might be wonderful and successful on the outside but you never feel quite it is. this is what we are here to explore and change. [add health, disease etc.] quote who will you be working with? you will be working with a team of gifted individuals that are committed to serving others at the highest level on their journey of life. vincent i am the creator behind neoslife whose vision is to empower people to live their greatest lives. a birthright i believe we all have. that is a life of light, love and flourishing rather than surviving, fighting and worrying. i have gone to the depths of my own being (about which you can read here) to find clarity about who i am and why i am here. neoslife is the purpose of my life which is to bring you closer to discovering and connecting with yours. after careers in investment banking in london and starting two venture funded companies in brazil, i found myself stranded in new york after a painful professional divorce from my co-founder. our venture died in the process, 120 people lost their job and our investors their money. however, there is a silver lining as there always is. in fact, this experience was a blessing in disguise as it catapulted me into the journey of seeking the answers to what life is about, why i am here and what makes us happy. this was in 2014 and since then i have traveled far, wide and deep to get closer to the answers. over this ark of time, i have shared my findings through videos, writing and podcasts as well as my coaching practice. i have been humbled by this journey as whenever i made it higher up the mountain and i thought i found “the answer”, ten new paths presented themselves to be ventured into. after a lot of intellectual seeking and extroverted exploring of what life has to offer, i finally encountered the spiritual path which i at last realised is the final path, the real path. how do i “know” that? it provides an experiential answer to everything we are seeking: love, meaning, peace, bliss, connection, gratitude, awe, you name it. you don’t have to believe nor should you because this is for you to find out yourself. however, this is not a spiritual course. the core pillar on which neoslife is built is that there is no guru nor any other external authority in the form of a teacher, parent, boss or government. there’s only your inner teacher and once you connect with it, you will know what to do and who to be. and no one else knows better than you do. neoslife, i and the team are simple people to present you with a journey so you can challenge and find the truth, your truth yourself. we are here to support you in the process of connecting with your inner, your deeper knowing. i am humbled and grateful to accompany you for part of this journey if you so wish. . who will you be working with? (continued) all are optional based on your individual needs lindsay yoga and keeping you nourished miguel breathwork julie somatic and reiki melody sound bath nuno energy work and, if required, other modalities. “you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards… so you have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. this approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” – steve jobs exchange in the coaching world, this journey would easily be priced at €30k or more. my former self would ask for that and offer this experience exclusively to hnwi and executives. my objective, however, is no longer to be rich and famous but to empower people that want to evolve so they can create more beautiful lives and as a result elevate the lives of everyone around them. this is a labour of love. you can read more about my process of letting go of greed and who i thought i needed to be here: 37/ letting go of everything at the same time, we live on the material plane and money is a form of energy exchange as i provide you with mine. you will spend up to 50 waking hours with me - more than three full days or six working hours days. that’s a huge amount of time for both of us and one of the reasons why this experience has the power to change your life. my commitment is to not only give you all of this time but to do so at the highest level and frequency of service. i will do everything in my power to support you in going where you need to go. this journey is for those that are committed to do serious work not just to hang out with me for a weekend. and if this is you, this will be one if not the most profound experiences in your life - that is, if you are willing to do the work as i can only provide you with this powerful playground, you will have to do the actual lifting. if this is you and you are excited about the possibility to embark on this adventure, please send an email to with the subject neoslife executive and tell me why you want to be on this journey and what you are hoping to gain from it. subsequently, we will schedule an explorative call where i will answer all of your questions and where we will explore whether we are a match to go on this journey together. as i can only host one person a week, access to this experience is based on merit. also, as i am developing the next stages of the neoslife experience (retreat and center), this 1-on-1 journey might only be available for a few months. being committed to growth will be given preference vs. someone who is just looking for the next cool thing. if you are leading a large organisation or because of your reach and influence your change can change the lives of many others you will be given preference over someone that has not. the intent behind the creation of this experience to maximise impact - both for you and therefore also for the world. but even if you are a lone ranger with no reach or influence and this looks like your cup of tea, please submit your application. there are no coincidences in life and if you are reading these lines, there is a reason why you are here. who knows how many lives you might touch in the future. maybe just one but that one might change the world. or maybe you are here because you know someone that needs to see this. if you feel called to do so, message me. we need more awakened leaders no matter how small or large. so what is your financial investment? we will also explore this in our explorative call. lots of exploring there :) there are costs that need to be covered and there is my time and energy. the investment will be means based. if you have a lot, you can give a lot. if you have little, you will reward me with the positive impact you will bring to your community and the people around you.