with the vision for neoslife germinating over many years, vincent met the people who will bring neoslife to life through his personal journey and explorations.

this page lists people who are team members, supporters and advisers of neoslife. this list is continuously evolving. their specific roles and engagement in the project are still to be defined.

for a list of practitioners, please see here.

vision, values and stewardship

neoslife’s value foundation is pure heartedness and impact first. we know that when we focus on our members with the intention to serve first and foremost, impact and therefore success follow naturally. the following individuals will contribute the knowledge, wisdom and value foundations to keep neoslife’s mission pure and maximise its transformational impact.


vincent daranyi vision and steward

vincent has been exploring the edge of consciousness since 2015. his drive is to empower everyone to live a more fulfilling, healthy and present life and thereby make us as humanity thrive. neoslife is the vehicle to bring this vision to life.

vincent coaches individuals on life and beyond. previously, he was an investment banker in london and a startup founder in brazil. he has lived in ch, de, uk, br, usa, es, pt and mx. more about him and the story behind neoslife:


you can reach vincent at


dr. nader butto medical and spiritual technology

nader is an internationally renowned cardiologist and the creator of the unified integrative medicine method.

he has practiced for thirty years in one of israel’s leading hospitals, while expanding his knowledge and research into a variety of holistic fields, including studying the mind, physics (and quantum physics), mathematics, chemistry, shamanism and more – while consolidating an innovative, integrative and unifying approach to medicine.

he practices in his innovative therapy center in israel and teaches his method around the world to 10,000s of people.

vincent met nader as a student of the first english speaking cohort of



lisa margulies hermetic wisdom

lisa is a transformational coach. her unusual life path has provided her with a deep and varied experiences that she draws on and allows you to face fear and limiting beliefs head-on. she is a highly in-demand coach who coaches other coaches, executives, and individuals all over the world.

lisa has been vincent’s coach since 2021 and a major catalyst in his development.


jeffrey boehme permaculture design and ancient wisdom

since early age, jeff dedicated his life to finding a better way. his formal and informal education has been about expanding his understanding of the human condition and finding solutions to create a better world.

jeff is the founder of the spiritual science society and a teacher of kriya jyoti tantric yoga – the science of elevating consciousness.

studying permaculture design was the last piece of the puzzle in his journey, providing a comprehensive system to integrate the diverse elements of society into a cohesive whole.

vincent got introduced to jeff through nuno and subsequntly became his kriya yoga student.


nuno rosa energetic body work and wisdom

nuno’s career as a body worker started in 2006. he is a student of spiritual and healing disciplines with qualifications in massage, deep bodywork, body dearmouring, energy healing, japanese meridian therapy, tre (trauma release exercises), consent, wheel of consent, polyvagal nervous system regulation, ayurveda, sound healing and tantra.

vincent has been studying with nuno through coaching and his body work.


the following individuals will bring neoslife to live through their skillset, passion and experience. besides their professional skills, they are deeply committed to their personal development and evolution.

awaken to beauty retreats (website)


leonor graca moura awaken retreat steward & coach

leonor is the founder of the soul healing energy academy. she guides individuals in discovering their true purpose and in unlocking their leadership potential. she spent a decade in spiritual development. her corporate background is in design thinking.

leonor and vincent met at an event at a spiritual center in lisbon

neoslife center (website)


alexandra bonte advisory, development and structuring

an athlete at heart having won many competitions in equestrian sports, alex set up her real estate business at age 23 in a country she has just moved to and came to love.

seeing opportunity in portugal’s beauty, her love for architecture, design and passion for empowering people she established a real estate company and investment fund. she is now focused on creating lasting impact in the wellbeing space.

alex attended awaken’s second retreat and immediately recognised the vision for neoslife.


marielle burti organisation, center development & legal

after a decade dedicated to becoming a judge in brazil, marie witnessed the failure of the public system and corporate culture and set out to build her vision of a thriving community within a circular and collaborative economy. her expertise is in advising hnwi clients on legal and structuring matters as well as just getting things done.

marie got to know vincent through his newsletter and they “coincidentally” met while boarding a plane.


matthieu pujol experience design & programming

after a career in online marketing and business development, matthieu has been designing transformative experiences through his brand noesun.

fascinated by peak experiences as rites of passage, mat has been developing how to kickstart, accelerate and integrate deep, long term and impactful transformation. he thrives in shaping user experience across all aspects and every detail.

vincent met matthieu through his work on noesun. they subsequently prototyped and ran a retreat in 2020.


eddy vaisberg product & operations

eddy is a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on the future of the mind through his micro-vc fund MindEd.

as the founding cfo of an east african ecommerce venture, he has raised $10m+ in less than 12 months.

eddy connected with vincent through indigo lab, a startup studio for conscious tech.


keather roemhildt user experience & design

keather is an award-winning leader and catalyst for positive change within complex challenges like neoslife. she has lead design for high-stakes projects and creating product strategy for billion-dollar companies, boosting profits and customer happiness.

just like her name, she is no ordinary ux executive and she has a wild, creative imagination that powers her problem solving skills.

vincent and keather met through our coach lisa.


farhad pocha user experience & community

farhad is a digital strategy consultant and has designed, managed, and launched digital products and services for over 10 years.

he is passionate about creating transformational experiences and products that enhance people’s lives.

farhad connected with vincent through his interest in nader butto’s work. they subsequently started prototyping the neoslife app and community experience.


teresa barros concept, brand & communication

a native of portugal, teresa was the co-creator and cmo of the five-star sublime hotel, contributing to its concept design, growth and led the group’s pr and communication making both comporta and the hotel a world-wide reference.

vincent met teresa at a community gathering in lisbon.


roshi kamdar interior & experience design

roshi has 15 years of professional experience in curation, design and delivery of a diverse portfolio of global events.

she has helped retail centers establish a singular identity by connecting local culture with visitors expanding their role as a central gathering space.

roshi’s work was featured in architectural digest china.

vincent met roshi in portugal through common friends.


martin hohn hospitality

martin is a catalyst of regenerative hospitality. his purpose is to support projects that inspire social innovation and enable transformative learning experiences.

with 20 years industry experience, he is the founder of and co-founder of zukunft.bahnhof, a regenerative mixed-use project currently under development in switzerland.

vincent met martin in 2019 during the wef in davos at blockbase.


lindsay barrett nourishment & yoga

lindsay is a vegan chef and yoga teacher. she has a passion for creating beautiful, healthy meals and experiences that nourish your soul. she teaches her techniques and how to balance your diet as a vegan, giving you the knowledge and tools to create your own quick and healthy recipes.

lindsay and vincent met as roomates in lisbon.


mohammad saleh permaculture

mohammed is passionate about ecological sustainability, holistic living and environmental protection.

he is the founder of mostadam, a creative permaculture consultancy providing holistic ecological design solutions with a focus on self-sufficiency, sustainable living and resilience

vincent connected with mohammad through his wife at nader’s seminars.


carlota peixe getting stuff done

carlota is a lisbon native. after corporate roles in london, she specialised in managing art and music experiences in portugal.

vincent and carlota met through common friends in portugal.