vincent’s modalities

since 2015, i have explored everything that i came across to better understand myself, life, health, wellbeing and the world. here’s an incomplete list of those modalities. as you open the toggles, i share descriptions, experiences and my assessment of those modalities. various i had to experience to understand and realise ultimately that they are non beneficial in connecting with our true self. where relevant, we can explore those during our conversations.


more than 10 ceremonies with various teachers across continents. for my latest and most powerful experience that led to the founding of neoslife, please read my article below. we can explore whether plant medicine is the right path for your journey.


how our financial system works, makes you a slave of it and why bitcoin is a revolutionary technology. my bitcoin journey encompasses 3,000 hours of research, you can find some of my findings here. i recommend anything by jeff booth.

breath work


great coaching is a product of life experience, explorations and inner work rather than a applying a fixed framework. what makes a powerful coach is the work they have done on themselves rather than anything that has been taught. it can’t be described with certifications or courses but rather it is the work of my being and the only way to understand is to experience it. having said that, i have attended coaching courses and schools since 2015 including steve chandler’s famous coaching school.

constellation work

family, systemic and horse constellations.

energetic body work

this is a profound work based on human design, the i ching and astrology. i recommend you to create your free profile and start exploring. you will discover that it is a map to your being.


meditation is one of the most potent tools to achieve clarity, connection with self and peace in life. if you don’t have a meditation practice, this is something we will explore. many of my clients did not believe they would ever regularly meditate until we worked together. the mind is a very captive and powerful drama creator and meditation is the most powerful tool to counter it.


i had my first substance experience at age 35. i realised that there’s three type of substances: depressants (e.g. alcohol and weed), stimulants (e.g. coffee, sugar, cigarettes, cocaine) and hallucinants (e.g. magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, lsd). the only category that helps us to grow and understand ourselves better is the latter category. unfortunately, the classification of psychoactive substances as hallucinants is misplaced. rather they allow us to step out of the illusion of the ego construct and gain a glimpse of who we truly are. see also ayahuasca in this list.

tantric healing

temazcal (sweat lodge)

indigenous cleansing ritual

tony robbins

i attended four seminars with tony robbins in 2019: unleash the power within, business mastery, life and wealth mastery and the famous date with destiny. while these were powerful events, i now realise that they don’t enable sustainable transformation.

i have been a student of nader butto since 2020. see also

vortex healing - energetic emotional healing practice


Steve Chandler’s ACS school - six month in-person training with one of the world’s best coaches
Hoffman Process: Powerful experiential seven-day residential program on parental relationships, childhood and healing.
Emotional healing and sexual intelligence: Tantric Journey with Julia
Constellation with Robert Rowland Smith
TransVision 2019: Transhumanist conference on the future and impact of life extension and expansion, particularly AI, health, education, politics and human values
CogX – Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology
Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within, Business Mastery, Life & Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny – Personal, business, life and wealth transformation seminars
Learning Expedition with Joel and Michelle Levey – Year-long journey in Mindful Leadership, Transformational Practices and Contemplative Science Wisdom
Davos Blockbase – Supernode gathering of global changemakers during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland
Explorers Course – Research-backed program that helps people to integrate fundamental well-being with everyday life.
Search Inside Yourself Leadership InstituteMindful leadership training introduced by Google
Yoga with Elina – Jivamukti yoga retreat
Contributor to the book Exponential Transformation on how to change your organization from within and come out ahead of massive industry disruption. Watch ExO’s founder Salim Ismail recently talking about disruptive innovation on US national TV.
Vipassana – Ten day silent meditation retreat as taught by S.N. Goenka. Participants have described their experiences here. If you want to intellectually understand how the retreat works, read Vipassana Meditation – The Art of Living.
HumiX – Co-creator inaugural conference for the evolution of humanity
Weekend University – Monthly academic psychology and neuroscience lectures
Nutrition and general health studies – including extensive research, testing and experimentation. I share my learnings in my daily food posts on Instagram and Facebook
Seclusion – Nine month period of deep introspection and seeking of inner peace largely withdrawn from social life
iDiscoverPersonal development program
Blockchain research and investments
Pilot and skydiving license (Argentina)
Kinnernet Portugal – Technology unconference
Extensive personal well-being research
Certified High Performance Coaching – Personally trained by one of the world’s leading coaches and author of the NYT bestseller High Performance Habits
DecelerateSpiritual retreat in Bali
Life, executive and startup coaching (since 2016)
Nomadic life – Explored the world for one year without a home base
Experts AcademyThought leader training and marketing
Spiritual experiences
Ayahusca and other plant ceremonies (since 2016)
Exponential Organizations (& ExO Works) – Organizational transformation advisory – Ambassador, coach, trainer and investor (since 2015)
Coaching and neurolinguistic programming training at Global NLP Training
Depression treatment methodologies research (since 2015) – You might find the following resources insightful: (to come)
Summit at Sea – invite-only conference of change makers and thought leaders (2015, 2016)
Burning Man (2015, 2017)
Coding bootcamp – Fullstack web development at Fullstack Academy
Psychedelic experiences (since 2015)
Exponential technologies at Singularity University – Global Startup Program (2010). What is this? Watch the movie.
Startup advisory (since 2012)