the birth of neoslife

the birth of neoslife

there’s only one journey on earth: the spiritual. you might role your eyes and think this is not for me. i don’t blame you. in my old life i was an investment banker and married to what i thought was rationality. little did i know.

you don’t need to believe in spirituality for neoslife to help you on your journey. in fact, you should not believe anything i tell you. as we say at neoslife: the only guru there is is you. neoslife is here to help you advance on your life journey. not by telling you what’s right or wrong but rather empowering you to find out for yourself, to find your own truth.

if my and the journey of many other people that have come before me is of any indication then we are all here on a spiritual journey. you would not be on this page, if you did not want to make changes in your life. and that really is the spiritual journey: to continuously question, learn and expand and thereby bring more fulfilment into your life. this process at some point transcends the purely material. as you probably have realised already, material achievements alone do not provide you with the life you want, it just doesn’t feel like you are getting there, ever.

neoslife has been created for all of us seekers that wonder what they have to do to live a beautiful life. and it is not that what people normally tell you in self-help circles and on tiktok: change your attitude, mindset and friends. no, there’s much more to life. at neoslife, we will pick you up wherever you are on your life journey and provide you with the experiences, tools and community to take your next step. there is no system or framework you will have to follow. neoslife’s experiences empower you to have profound insights yourself. it is always you who decides where you want to go next and what you learn from it.

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the neoslife journey - a song

i first heard this song during an ayahuasca ceremony in 2022 in which the vision for neoslife was fully birthed. the song immediately and deeply resonated with me as it describes the human journey of overcoming doubt and failure and raising above ourselves - powerfully in lyrics and sound. I hope you enjoy it just as much as i do - and, no matter where you are right now in life - it gives you hope and excitement for what is to come. neoslife is here to help you rise up.