the following is a high level summary of how neoslife empowers its members. it’s foundation is hermetic wisdom and


authenticity — being yourself

a key to fulfilment is to be yourself irrespective of what other people think. most of the time, we go through life playing a role, something we learnt while we were children, when we were taught what is good and bad, what is right and wrong and what gives us appreciation and love and what doesn’t. these are patterns in our subconscious mind that we live every day often with no awareness.

not being ourselves creates dissatisfaction because what our souls really want is to express their true nature irrespective of what other people or society thinks. when we are not ourselves, we are unhappy and therefore seek happiness through external compensation like money, power, drugs, sex, fame, etc. however, none of these things will ever compensate for us not being ourselves and hence we just continue chasing more and more without ever arriving.

neoslife’s practices empower you to not only recognise who you are within but also help you to overwrite those habituated patterns of the roles you play in life thereby empowering you to be yourself and as a result feel good and free without the need for external compensation.


“happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― gandhi

when we are in perfect inner alignment, all our energies are focused in the same direction and therefore we are at our most powerful. authenticity means recognising who we are. alignment means that everything inside of you is aligned with your true being. this cannot be faked. you need to believe, be and do who you are.

choiceless choice

while we are taught that we can chose who you want to be, it is not what creates fulfilment. you are someone before you come to this world, recognising this self and then having the courage to be that person is the journey of life. it is called a choiceless choice because once you recognise who you are, there is no more choice to be made, because there is only the authentic choice that what rings true within oneself.

knowing > thinking

how do you know who you really are? it is about connecting with your intuition, your inner teacher. it is a knowing rather than a thinking. for example, when a friend invites you for dinner, your body will have an immediate

body > mind > soul and soul > mind > body

embodiment and recording something new at the instinctual, intuitive level

intuition > instinct

higher self > agency

being > doing

vitalism > reductionism

context > content

degrees of freedom

presence > busyness

thoughts > material


fulfilment > external conditions

easy choices, hard life. hard choices, easy life. the choice is between short term pain and long-term suffering. most humans choose the latter because the mind is so pain avoidant programmed. but the price we pay is very high.

creating awareness rather than escaping. bringing light to the issue