massive transformative purpose (mtp)

empower every human to live life-as-a-masterpiece

we are meant to live extraordinary lives but our minds make us believe that happiness is a result of the world outside of us. this false belief is the single most important contributor to our suffering, lack of well-being including disease and ultimately wars in the world. making us feel like a victim of circumstances while the quality of our lives is a function of how we feel which is in inside matter.

at neoslife, we experientially learn how to thrive by moving from reactive victims of circumstances to empowered creators of our lives.

neoslife is the new earth operating system for life. there is now external authority. no one has the answer but you. the only guru there is is yourself.

reconnecting your entire human being

we live in a patriarchal society and as a result, we are stuck in our masculine - mentally, physically and energetically. We think our ways through life rather than feeling it. Just reading this might trigger you into resistance: energy, feelings, … this is how disconnected we have become. and as a result we are suffering – disconnected from our full being. and to avoid that pain, we escape: Money, power, success, sex, drugs, technology, social media, movies, holidays. Any pleasure without intention really. Pleasure for the sake of escaping is not happiness.

happiness and well-being are found in a grounded present being. neoslife is empowering you to bring the feminine back into your life, create a more healthy relationship with the masculine and bring you into union with the two - the holy grail of living and the birthright we all have.

neoslife is the fusion of ancient wisdom, cutting-edge science and integrated health to empower you to live the extraordinary life you came to live.

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