heart protocol integration

heart protocol integration

maximise the impact of the most profound experience of your life and create real change

feedback from a participant
feedback from a participant

on this page you will learn about

  • the heart protocol
  • the importance of integration
  • the offering
  • the integration structure
  • next steps and logistics
  • the money conversation
  • about me
  • the space
  • the nine questions
  • testimonials

the heart protocol

the heart protocol is a revolutionary profound spiritual experience. more information and registration for the portugal journey in july can be found here. if you want to learn more about dr. samuel lee and what lead him to the discovery of this protocol, watch the video below. if you want to read up on my experience of the heart protocol, see the article in the about me section.

this page and offering is in regards to what happens the day after the heart protocol experience. while sam and i are working together, this offering is independent of your journey with him. talking logistically, you meet dr. sam after lunch in sintra, you journey in the afternoon into the early evening, you stay a night at the property and you leave around 11am the next day to make space for the next group.

learn more about the heart protocol and its uniqueness in this video by dr. samuel lee, md

the importance of integration

if your experience is like everybody else’s, it will be profound, otherworldly. the question is what does it all mean and what changes are you going to make in your life as a result. because if you don’t, then what’s the point of it really?

welcome, i am vincent. i am a former banker, entrepreneur and for the past eight years have been on a consciousness seeking, healing and awakening journey as a coach, guide and healer. along this path i have explored, trained in and practised in many modalities. i have realised that psychedelic experiences like the heart protocol are powerful enablers of personal transformation. i have also witnessed many people doing countless psychedelic journeys without making any meaningful changes to their lives.

this is where integration comes in: it’s about taking the profound insights and realisations you have gained during the heart protocol and translating them into actionable steps in the physical world and your day-to-day life. how are you going to show up with your partner, kids, family, friends, colleagues, etc. when you get back home? what changes are you going to make as a result of your experience? because if you don’t, all it gave you was a powerful experience and you are missing this wonderful opportunity to radically improve your life, relationships and well-being.

also see “the nine questions” below.

the offering

for those that are looking to go home with heightened clarity and an action plan, i am offering a landing pad following the heart protocol journey. after leaving sam’s ceremony space at 11am, i invite you to come over to my place in lisbon to spend the rest of the day with me including the possibility to stay over for a night in my guest bedroom.

my place is a wonderful rooftop apartment in principe real, lisbon, with a beautiful view over lisbon and the river where you will feel home and welcome immediately (see picture below). we will spend the day in the format that serves your integration process the most. you are the script. what i am providing is a safe, supportive and powerful container to explore and reflect with you whatever has come up during your experience or is present in your life.

the integration structure

below you find the outline of the integration program. this structure has been created with the goal of maximising the impact for you of our time together. it is not rigid nor strict and we will dynamically adjust it to what you need and what serves you the most.

if you would like to spend just a few hours with me in the afternoon that is also a possibility. i am in service to you and you choose how much or little you want to take advantage of this offering.

you arrive at my place around 12pm.

12-1pm we sit down together and you have an opportunity to share your experience with me responding and sharing my reflections and what i am reading into it. we use this conversation with the goal to start anchoring your learnings in your life.

1-2pm we continue our conversation over a light lunch.

2-3pm we explore your gene keys which are a map to your life. we connect your journey experience with the purpose and meaning of your life. we review the fears and challenges in your life and understand how you can use them as your drivers for growth and transformation.

3-4pm you receive an energy washout which is energetic bodywork that releases traumas and conflicts from your body. all our trauma and fears are stored in the body and mentally working through them is not sufficient as they are deeply embodied. this will bring them to the surface and allow you to release them.

5-6pm we meditate together. meditation is a powerful tool for transformation and bringing you back to your truth and into equanimity no matter what is going on in your life. i highly recommend to make this part of your daily practice starting with as little as 15 mins per day. i will show you how to turn meditation from a struggle into something you look forward to. if you are already a regular meditator, we will take your practice deeper including complete breath.

6-7pm we continue our conversation and start crafting an action plan for when you get back home: what changes are you committing to? what topics are you going to work on? what changes will you make to your relationships, lifestyle, life, work, health and money/wealth? you capture these commitments and action steps in your journal.

7-8pm we go for a walk along the water to change the scenery and allow you to process the insights we have been generating enjoying the setting sun in lisbon along the river while gently reintroducing you to the default world and the world.

8-9pm we have a dinner in a restaurant being surrounded by other humans.

9-10pm we sit down together for our last interaction for the day reviewing your insights, learnings, what has come up and what is currently present for you. you then capture those in your journal before you get the rest of the evening for yourself, good night and sleep.

8-9am morning meditation

9-10am check-in. how are you feeling? what has come up during the night? what adjustments do you need to make to your commitments and action plan?

10-11am time to dive into any topic or practice to complement your integration experience. this could be another energy wash-out, diving deeper into your gene keys, reviewing your transcript or anything else that is present in this moment. this is where we say goodbye for now and i let you back into the “wilderness” of life applying all that you have received from this journey and our integration time together.

next steps and logistics

if this is of interest to you, please email me with your journey date and any requests or wishes you have. if you like to first connect with me in person, schedule a zoom call here. i am in a silent retreat july 3-11 and therefore i am only available for calls the days after. alternatively, please check out the about me section below where you can get to know me and also hear my speaking.

you can assume for your travel planning that i can and will receive you and that you can stay with me for a night even if we have not communicated before.

i am happy to receive just one of you or, if you are journeying as a group, all three of you. integration one on one and as a group are different but equally powerful. as a group you learn from each other while one on one you have my full attention. in short: whoever wants to stay and work with me is welcome. however, i just have one bedroom so there’s space for a couple or two friends that are happy to share a bed (or you can stay in a hotel or airbnb).

get a journal and start writing your reflections ahead of your visit to portugal. what are the challenges you are currently facing and what questions do you have for yourself about life? why are you doing the heart protocol? what is your intention and what do you hope to experience and get clarity on? make it a practice to journal and reflect daily or as frequently as you can.

to learn more about me and my work, please check out the links below.

i am looking forward to connecting with you.

with love, vincent.

the money conversation

if you want to take advantage of this offering, money will not stand in the way of it.

my background is as an executive coach for high performing individuals. i have charged significant amounts for my services. along my journey, i have realised that the skills and powers i have been given are here to help everyone who seeks them irrespective of their financial means. i am here to serve you unconditionally and irrespective of the money exchange involved.

as an executive coach i also learnt that what is for free is not valued. in fact, the more i charged for my services, the better the results of my clients and the happier they were. why? because the more committed they were to our work and their results. human psychology is intriguing.

by working with you, i will give my full presence and all my energy for a day of my life. this asks for a completion of our energy exchange. after you leave your integration experience in the morning, you will naturally reflect on your experience. you will let me know by the end the day what this experience was worth to you.

all the answers we are seeking can be found in the heart. you will know what amount feels right for you and then your mind will give you all kinds of reasons why you should choose a different number. this is the confusion of life: the heart knows, the mind gets in the way. this applies to everything in life and going with your heart’s number might be your first exercise in trusting this muscle you started training during integration.

following your heart let’s the miracle of life unfold for you. whatever number you choose will be the right number.

about me

1/ my journey from corporate life to being an awakening coach and healer:

2/ reflections around the heart protocol, integration and the meaning of psychedelic experiences:

3/ my heart protocol experience:

the space

principe real, estrella, lisbon with a view over the city and the river tejo.


the nine questions

here are nine questions for a deep and meaningful journey. you can use them to reflect and get more clarity before going into the heart protocol and any other journey:

  • where and how do i feel stuck?
  • what is holding me back?
  • what do i want to let go of?
  • what have i been resisting?
  • what unfinished business do i have?
  • what makes me afraid?
  • what changes do i want to make?
  • what do i want to forgive?
  • what do i really want?


what others have said about working with me

I was introduced to Vincent at a point where I felt very stuck in my life. I had been through a bad business trauma and lost a large sum of money, my confidence was severely dented and I was finding it difficult to move on. Meeting Vincent was transformational for me. He is passionate and compelling - I was struck by his commitment to helping me create the change necessary for me to move forward. Through working with him, I was able to completely and utterly shift my mindset, from one of overwhelm and depression to one of excitement and gratitude. He has been the catalyst for a deep and fundamental change in how I see myself, my life and the world. It was inspiring working with him and I feel I have grown immeasurably, and there is now no going back. I have managed to create real positive change in my life. I have since written a book, (something I previously never believed I could do) writing the book has been enormously cathartic for me. Vincent has helped reposition my compass and set my life on a new happier and rewarding course. I am enormously grateful to Vincent and now consider him a friend.
Vincent is the person I called when I had a knot in my stomach. I knew from our previous calls he would be someone that would bring me peace of mind but also the energy fuel I need to continue moving forward, which is in my opinion, a rare and powerful combination. He asks intelligent questions, and pushes you to think differently, which in my case it brings me clarity of mind and resolution as to how I should continue this path of entrepreneurship. I am currently building two companies, I am full of doubts, fears. Being fully immersed in my two start-ups has a certain level of anxiety due to the uncertainty it brings on many levels. There are 3 reasons as to why I like working with Vincent: 1. He has been an entrepreneur and an investor, so he knows what it’s like; he’s been there 2. He’s the type of person that when he likes someone he goes “all in” and 3. He’s kind, thoughtful and has a strong spiritual side; that is, in my opinion, essential to let you be vulnerable and feel safe to expose your deepest worries. He’s also not the type of coach that will hang up the phone and forget about you until you next your next one - he has a thoughtful approach and continues to be in touch sending you information that is relevant to what you’re doing. All of the above just leads me to conclude the most important aspect of an interaction with another human being; he cares and wants to bring the best out of you.
I have known Vincent since his time as a start-up founder in Brazil and was intrigued to learn he now offers personal coaching. Vincent is incredibly structured, well-read and knowledgeable on this subject. He allowed me to create the framework and focus for the session but was then able to provide guidance on everything from intrinsic motivation and conflict resolution to health, wellness and adopting good habits. In a single hour, I was also given a number of useful thought patterns, book recommendations and exercises to work on in my own time. Following the session, Vincent kept in touch on WhatsApp and sent more recommendations and thoughts as they came to him. A few specific things I was looking to work on was the direction of my new company as well as better tapping into my subconscious mind to align this work with my purpose. I found the session with Vincent to be extremely rewarding as well as helping me return to better habits such as morning meditation and setting time aside for self-work. A few days after the session I had some real breakthroughs which I attribute directly to our exchange and the subsequent work. I would recommend Vincent to anyone who is serious and determined about changing their life for the better. I think his style of sharing thoughts naturally and abundantly across subjects suits ambitious and open-minded clients that are willing to work hard and go deep to achieve results. Happy to speak to anyone that’s considering this exciting journey.
Wow, I just finished first reading and then listening your post from this morning. I think it is so powerful and beautiful. It radiates love and instantaneously filled me will peace and the calmness I particularly needed this morning. Thank you for sharing your journey, thank you for opening my heart and soul to allow some of that light to come through. 🙏❤️ You changed my life. Made it so beautiful.