neoslife app

here you will find a link to the upcoming neoslife app which will allow you to connect and interact with fellow members around topics that are dear to your heart. our goal is to create a community of trust, connection and deep support for whatever we are encountering on this journey of life, growth, learning and exploring. we hope that this community will act like an extended family that you can reach out for whatever you need and provide with whatever your gifts, skills and super powers are.

the initial version of the app will consist of the following elements:

  • know thyself: get to know your human code, temperament, life purpose and much more through a simple self assessment questionnaire based on nader butto’s ground breaking work of 🌿unified integrative medicine
  • find practitioners to help you on your journey of personal personal development, growth and healing to reach a state of continued fulfilled well-being
  • connect with fellow members that are committed to evolve like you based on shared interests, passions or relevant skills or experience